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Welcome to Asia Management Services LLP

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Our Value Proposition


Risk Management Consultancy

 We work with various clients in the private and public sectors to develop and deploy their enterprise risk management frameworks and systems.  


 We offer regularly scheduled and customized training programmes in relevant and timely topics such as strategic risk management, addressing climate change risks and sustainable project management. This helps our clients learn about the latest concepts and trends, pick up useful skills and build in-house competencies.  

Client-Centric Philosophy

 We are a boutique consultancy where our lead consultants work directly with clients. Every organization's context is different. We start by listening and understanding our clients' concerns and challenges. We work with them to identify the desired outcomes before providing unbiased, cogent and practical advice. 

The Right Experience

 What we do is backed by our team's deep expertise in various functional areas and industries. We have hands-on experience and work closely with our clients to make the link from strategy to systems to implementation.  

About Us

Dr Roy Rimington


Group CEO

 Dr Rimington is a Governing Council Member of Risk and Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS). He was the president of RIMAS from 2010 to 2012. He has held senior management positions for over 20 years in major electrical, electronic, and automotive international companies in the United Kingdom and East Asia such as Lucas Industries, the General Electric Company, Tatung Co(Taiwan) and Siemens Telecommunications. He has a wide range of experience in the areas of quality, business excellence, manufacturing, service, military, security, education and the public sector. He has over 16 years of full-time working experience in the Singapore Public Service, and is a Singapore Citizen. Dr Rimington holds a PhD in Management Sciences from University of Keele.

Chan Mun Wei


Adjunct Consultant

 For more than 20 years, Mr Chan has worked in Singapore in the private and public sectors in various capacities – including strategy, policy development, planning, sales, marketing, human resource and investment promotion. His last position was as Divisional Director of Corporate Planning at Sentosa Development Corporation. His portfolio there included developing and implementing sustainability initiatives, corporate strategy, performance monitoring, data analytics and enterprise risk management. Mr Chan graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Master of Arts in Education, and subsequently completed a MBA at the National University of Singapore. 

What Drives Us



Asia Management Services was founded to help organizations put in place approriate risk management systems and processes. This allows the organizations to respond more effectively to various types of risks -- from operational issues (such as occupational safety and health) to strategic and 'black swan' risks (such as understanding the long-term impact of climate change). 

 We endeavour to make every level of leadership in an organization understand the importance of risk management and treat it as an integral part of day-to-day operations. Our perspective is that risk management is not only about protecting an organization against the down side, many types of risks can be looked at as opportunities for the organization to take advantage of and prosper.